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When it’s the dog days of summer in Bonita Springs, FL, and you realize your HVAC is not cooling your commercial property, it starts to feel urgent very quickly. Every minute you go without effective air conditioning is like money draining away from your bank account – or, more accurately, money never making it into your account in the first place because your customers have chosen to take their business somewhere else.

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When your Bonita Springs HVAC is not cooling properly, your first step should be to call your locally owned commercial HVAC specialists at Affordable Air & Heat – particularly if you notice the HVAC running but not cooling at all, or if your A/C vents have warm air coming out. There are quite a few equipment-related causes for an air conditioner failing to produce the cool, comfortable air you crave.

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At Affordable Air & Heat, here are some of the common causes our technicians may find for your Bonita Springs, Florida A/C failing to cool off your building.

  • Clogged or Leaky Ducts: If your air ducts are clogged with dust, debris or even something more severe such as an insect nest, it will force your commercial A/C to have to work harder to push cooled air throughout your property. As a result, your building will become uncomfortably warm and humid. The same is true if your ducts have developed holes and leaks.

  • Soiled Coils: The coils within your HVAC system are designed with one specific purpose: to absorb the heat from your space and release it outside. As those coils get covered with grime over time, they prevent your A/C from doing its job of circulating conditioned air in your building.

  • Refrigerant Leaks: If you love cooled air, you have a chemical refrigerant to thank. As time goes on, the tubes and connectors within your HVAC unit can develop leaks. When your refrigerant levels are low, your HVAC can’t cool as well. If you notice the compressor running constantly and blowing without much cooling, you might have a refrigerant leak. You will need to call an experienced technician to fix the leak, then top off the refrigerant level.

  • Fan Problems: Your HVAC unit has fans inside that blow air over the coils and through your ducts. If a fan motor is broken or is running too slowly, you’ll notice your HVAC not cooling.

As you might have noticed, there’s a common thread linking these four causes of an A/C not cooling properly: They are all preventable with regular HVAC maintenance. If you want to avoid urgent A/C breakdowns, a simple and relatively inexpensive solution is at your fingertips.

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Affordable Air & Heat is proud to be a top HVAC service provider in Bonita Springs. We specialize in commercial A/C and heat maintenance, repair and installation throughout the southwestern Gulf Coast area of Florida, and we also offer residential services. Whether you need same-day or emergency repair, or would like to schedule routine service, call us today to experience outstanding customer care from our licensed, insured and uniformed technicians.

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