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New AC Unit Installation Bonita Springs, Florida

New AC Unit Installation in Bonita Springs, FL

When your air conditioner can no longer stand up to South Florida’s hot, humid weather, it’s time to call your local experts at Affordable Air and Heat to start shopping around for a new cooling system. But if it’s been a decade or more since the last time you needed to buy a new AC unit, you may not be aware of all the added perks you can look forward to when you opt for new AC installation.

Though you know a new AC will bring you many years of cool, comfortable air, not all Bonita Springs home and business owners are familiar with everything today’s modern AC units have to offer. From improved indoor air quality to more affordable energy bills, here are five key benefits of new AC unit installation.

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  • Smaller Carbon Footprint

Air conditioner technology has made impressive strides in the past few decades, which is excellent news for Florida property owners’ energy consumption. One of the biggest benefits a new AC offers is a significant upgrade in energy efficiency, especially compared to your current cooling system.

At Affordable Air and Heat, we install all types of AC units, but we recommend looking for the Energy Star label if you really want to get the most bang for your buck. That’s because models that earn Energy Star certification must meet strict efficiency standards, which can substantially reduce your household energy consumption.

  • Save Money on Utility Bills

When you use less energy, it stands to reason you can also expect to pay less on your monthly utility bills. Check the yellow EnergyGuide sticker, which estimates the average electricity the AC unit will use over the course of a year, as well as the annual operating cost. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how much money a new, energy-efficient AC unit can save you over the course of its lifespan. It can even help offset the cost of your new AC unit installation.

  • Better Airflow

Do you have “hotspots” and “cool zones” in your Bonita Springs, FL home or business? If your house or commercial facility has inconsistent temperatures from room to room, it could be because your current air conditioner lacks the necessary strength to push the conditioned air into certain areas. A newer unit can solve that problem by improving airflow throughout your space.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Along with cooling your home, air conditioners play a major role in keeping your indoor air pure and free of pollutants, allergens, and toxins. The newest air conditioners offer superior air purification, humidity control, and even ventilation. Ask your Affordable Air and Heat technician about ways we can help make your indoor air quality better than it’s ever been.

  • Modern Bells and Whistles

Outdated air conditioners aren’t always compatible with high-tech features or add-ons, but most new cooling systems offer a long list of options. For example, if you’ve been thinking about getting a zoning system or installing a smart thermostat, a brand-new AC unit will allow you to do both. From customized cooling to energy-efficient features, today’s modern air conditioners offer a wide range of benefits.

Affordable Air Heat Bonita Springs Specials

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