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At Affordable Air and Heat, we understand the key to maintaining proper AC function year-round is staying on top of what your home’s cooling system needs to function at peak capacity. Understanding how your air conditioner does its job to keep you comfortable, as well as the ways in which you could unintentionally be creating damage, is the first step to reducing the odds that you’ll experience a costly cooling breakdown.

There are a variety of reasons for property owners call us for emergency AC repair in Fort Myers Beach. With Affordable Air and Heat, you can avoid an urgent need for repairs following an AC unit breakdown in the middle of a Florida heat wave.

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AC Unit Maintenance is Important in Florida

Periodic and consistent AC maintenance is one of the smartest things you can do to prevent the need for emergency AC repair. Even just one or two overlooked maintenance appointments over the years can increase your chances of needing to call Affordable Air and Heat on a weekend or in the dead of night.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get back on the right track by scheduling preventive maintenance and tune-ups with your local pros. Waiting until something goes wrong to call an expert is not a smart strategy. Hidden wear and tear inside your system is just waiting for the worst possible moment to cause a total breakdown. Of course, our team of technicians is here for you when you do have an urgent repair, but the best way to avoid having to call us in a crisis is to be proactive about AC maintenance.

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How Long do Residential Air Conditioners Last in Fort Myers Beach, FL?

We all ask a lot out of our air conditioners here in southwestern Florida. Even if you have taken the proper steps to maintain your AC, your system will wear down over time from frequent use.

As each component of your air conditioner begins to wear out, your AC will become more prone to failure, even if you have stuck to a smart maintenance schedule. The average lifespan of an AC unit is around 12 years, so if you haven’t replaced your unit in a while, you could be on track for emergency repairs or even a full replacement soon. The chances of emergency breakdown increase with every year your air conditioner remains in place after approximately the 12-year mark.

Florida’s hot, muggy weather is a true endurance challenge for air conditioners. It’s all too easy to overtax your system, thus increasing your risk of an emergency AC repair. There are several ways you could be asking your air conditioner to do more than it should, including failing to replace air filters, keeping the temperature in your home lower than necessary and leaving the AC running all the time, even when nobody is home.

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Call Affordable Air & Heat for Your Emergency AC Repair Needs in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

At Affordable Air and Heat, our AC repair technicians are available 247 to ensure emergency situations don’t cause a major inconvenience for you and your family. Call us anytime of the day or night if you need emergency AC repair, or if you want to help your unit work more efficiently with our maintenance plans.

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