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At Affordable Air & Heat, we provide residential and commercial customers in Fort Myers, Florida with state-of-the-art AC services they can count on throughout the year. In Fort Myers, it is important that your air conditioner is running properly to make your space cool and comfortable to escape the humidity. Your air conditioning system works around the clock which means that it needs to be serviced by professionals to regularly maintain its function. Our team is comprised of licensed and insured industry professionals who specialize in a variety of air conditioning services to best meet your needs.

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Reasons Your Fort Myers Air Conditioner Could Fail

When your air conditioning system is not maintained or requires a repair that is not fixed, it is at risk of failure. Your Fort Myers air conditioning system is one of the most important aspects of your property which is why your local technicians at Affordable Air & Heat are always prepared to assist you in the even that your unit does need to be replaced and a new system needs to be installed. Some of the most common reasons your air conditioning system could fail include frozen coils, damaged compressor, fan blades, or electrical connections, faulty circuit breakers or fuses, faulty thermostat, and neglecting annual maintenance. While the failure of your air conditioning system can be extremely stressful, our expert technicians have precise and efficient protocols in place to safely remove your current unit and effectively install your new AC unit

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Choosing the Right AC Unit for Your Fort Myers Property

Whether you require a new air conditioning unit to be installed because an existing one failed or you need an AC unit to be installed for the first time on your property, we will assist you in choosing a air conditioner that meets the needs of your Fort Myers home or business. One of the most common mistakes home and business owners make when choosing a new AC unit is assuming that all air conditioners provide the same services. In reality, various brand and systems service different size spaces and have different cooling capacities. If you purchase a system that is too big or too small for your property is could result in costly problems that are not financially efficient. Our team at Affordable Air & heat understands the best brands on the market and how they can meet your cooling needs.

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If you require AC installation services, do not work with the first contractor you find. The installation of a new residential or commercial AC unit needs to be taken care of by a professionals who utilizes quality equipment and impeccable workmanship that you can trust in. From choosing a new unit to proper installation, our expert, industry professionals will always recommend the most energy efficient system for you. Contact our friendly and informative office associates to discuss estimates and schedule your Fort Myers air conditioning installation at the best time for you.

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