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For all air conditioning and heating needs Fort Myers, FL, contact us at Affordable Air & Heat to ensure professional services. We pride in providing excellent ductless mini-split services to local residents and businesses. Our services come with $20 off any service provided. We are also experts in other areas. For instance;

When you need a ductless mini split air conditioning system Fort Myers, FL, trust Affordable Air & Heat. We make sure that you maximize the system’s capabilities.

Understanding Your Ductless Mini Split 

Your ductless mini split Fort Myers, FL, is an air conditioning system that has features for both outdoor compressors or condensers and indoor air units. We also use the system as an option for installing distribution ductwork. It further comes with the following extra parts:

  • A conduit that shelters the power cable
  • Suction tubes
  • A refrigerant tube
  • Condensate drains to link indoor and outdoor units.

Our team is capable of handling complex procedures. We handle our ductless mini split installation Fort Myers, FL with top-notch quality equipment. High-quality materials ensure that our clients get long-lasting solutions and value for money. 

Benefits of Ductless Mini Split System

We ensure easy ductless mini split installation Fort Myers, FL. The system has a small size, which makes it easy to handle than other types of conditioning systems. It is easy to link up the outdoor and indoor units through a 3-inch hole in a wall for the conduit. This easy process assures a smooth installation process without causing damage to the surfaces. We also offer up to $800 off a new AC system. 

Allow us to meet and exceed your expectations by providing ductless mini split services Fort Myers, FL. When it comes to the ductless mini split system that we will install, the small size is the main advantage. The adjustable size allows us to install the ductless mini-split air conditioning system for individual rooms. It also allows the client to be creative and unique with the installation process. Some models have up to four indoor air units, all connected to one outdoor unit. However, the small sizes do not cause any hindrance to daily activities. We have done a criminal background check for all our employees to ensure safety to our customers’ property.

Aside from being the ultimate solution for efficiency and comfort, the ductless mini split system Fort Myers, FL, is also cost-efficient. Due to its lack of ducts, the system saves energy. Furthermore, the ductless mini split air conditioning system offers a way to limit energy consumption. It only heats or cools a room when it is occupied.

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Contact Us for Ductless Mini Split 

Here at Affordable Air & Heat, we know the importance of proper room conditions to an individual’s productivity, health, and comfort. With this in mind, we guarantee clients’ comfort and satisfaction. Our employees wear uniforms and ID badges, which makes it easy for identification. Contact us today for any ductless mini split services Fort Myers, FL. Our air conditioning services are also available in:

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