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At Affordable Air and Heat, we know there’s never an ideal time for your Fort Myers property’s heating system to start having problems like blowing cold air or making strange noises – or worse, for it to stop working completely. We also know that if you’re having trouble with your heating pump or electric heater, you don’t have time to wait on repairs. That’s why we have a team of emergency repair technicians on call 247, ready to be dispatched to your home or business to take care of your heating crisis.

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Reasons to Call Your Fort Myers, FL Professionals for Emergency Heating Repair

If you’re having consistent or unexpected trouble with your heater that seem, your first thought might be to try to fix it yourself. However, the complexity of heating systems makes DIY repair a dangerous thing to attempt on your own. Not only could you be causing further damage to your electric heater or heat pump, but you might also be putting yourself and your family, friends, employees, and customers at risk because you lack the training and tools to do the job correctly.

Our team at Affordable Air and Heat want to help customers to stay proactive about their the state of their heating system, and there are several signs you can look out for to help recognize when you need emergency heating repair services.

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Your thermostat is no longer responsive. Whether your thermostat display has become stuck on the wrong setting, or has entirely stopped responding to your attempts to change the temperature, you could find yourself without heat within hours, which merits an urgent service call to your Fort Myers heating technicians.

Your heating system is making unusual noises. Strange or unexplained noises like rattling and banging can be very unsettling to hear, especially when they seem to start happening out of nowhere. When it comes to your home’s heating system, these odd sounds can indicate serious damage you should never ignore. It’s likely there’s something wrong in your heater that might even lead to the need for a total replacement if you don’t address it in a timely way. You’re certainly justified in calling for emergency service to put a stop to these noises.

You smell gas in the interior or around the exterior of your Fort Myers property. If your home or business has gas heat, you surely are already aware of the health hazards a gas leak can cause. If you suddenly begin smelling that characteristic sulfur smell, shut off your gas, then immediately pick up the phone and call Affordable Air and Heat.

Your vents are blowing cold air. Winter is bad enough without inviting the cold air into your home or business. When this problem pops up, it can take you from comfortable to chilly in a short amount of time and you need an experienced team that’s qualified to deal with it immediately.

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Call Your Fort Myers Heating Experts at Affordable Air and Heat Today

Regardless of the nature of your heating problem, don’t let a malfunction disrupt your life. With emergency heating repair services from Affordable Air and Heat, our skilled technicians are the most competent and capable in Southwest Florida. When you need emergency heating in Fort Myers, our team at Affordable Air and Heat is standing-by and ready to assist you right away.

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