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The Florida heat can beat up your air conditioner in the summer. At Affordable Air & Heat we service many of South Florida’s hottest locations including Lehigh Acres. The summer heat and humidity makes your AC unit work much harder. If your unit does not have enough cooling refrigerant it can cause minor issues:

  • Foggy windows
  • Clammy air
  • Musty odor

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How Our Team at Affordable Air & Heat Can Diagnose A/C Problems & Fix Them Accurately

Along with having minor issues comes one big issue AC unit failure. This can happen when you do not have enough refrigerant in the system and the unit is unable to cope with the high demands. Humidity has more of an effect on your AC system than you are led to believe. Having AC tune ups regularly, removing debris and changing the filter every few months can help your AC last up to 20-25 years! Even with these tips you will run into common AC problems with certain components of the system such as:

A/C Filters Lehigh Acres Florida

A good tip for determining if your filter needs to be cleaned is by shining light on it and seeing if it passes through. If the light does not pass through its time to clean or replace the filter. Some filters can be reused after being cleaned. If you reuse a filter make sure it is fully cleaned as dirty filters can reduce air flow and cause the Air Conditioner freeze.

The Breaker & Fuse

Breakers and Fuses are very important when it comes to the AC motor. They protect the unit from overheating and working to hard. When a motor or compressor dies the first thing most professionally trained technicians will check is the breaker and fuses.

Worn Contactor

The Worn Contactor starts and stop the motor and compressor. If there is a problem with the contactor it becomes difficult to start the motors.

The Compressor

The compressor circulates refrigerant into the AC unit and uses reed valves to control the amount of refrigerant during the pumping cycle.

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At Affordable Air & Heat we can solve any and all these issues. The worst AC problems to have would be a broken compressor or refrigerant leaks. If your compressor is not working cool air will not pump into your home. Refrigerant and the AC compressor work closely together if you have to little refrigerant the compressor will burn up but; if you have to much refrigerant the compressor will get clogged and eventually fail. Refrigerant is everything when it comes to AC repair if your refrigerant is leaking your AC will not work correctly and the temperature will fluctuate in your home. Let us fix these issues with our many services including:

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