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New AC Unit Installation Lehigh Acres, Florida

New AC Unit Installation in Lehigh Acres, FL

At Affordable Air and Heat, we’ve seen nearly every scenario during our years of experience working with Lehigh Acres, FL property owners. Unfortunately, that also means we’ve seen a lot of people making the wrong decisions when choosing a new AC unit. Since we understand not everyone has the expertise we have, we’re here to help provide valuable information to keep you from experiencing those same blunders with new AC unit installation.

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Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Buying a New AC Unit

  • Getting the Wrong Size

People tend to assume bigger is better; however, that isn’t the case with AC equipment. If you get a unit that’s too large for your West Florida house or building, you can expect to pay higher energy and utility bills, as well as dealing with hassles like inconsistent airflow and frequent need for maintenance.

You can save on the cost of a new AC unit installation by being an informed consumer. Your Affordable Air and Heat technician will take detailed measurements and assess your home’s or building’s physical characteristics to determine the proper size system.

  • Installing in the Wrong Spot

Placement of the unit is just as important as the size. If your AC unit gets too much sun, it will work too hard to keep up and will break down sooner. For the best energy efficiency and performance, ask your Affordable Air and Heat installer to put the system in a shadier area that has plenty of space around it.

  • Hiring the Wrong Contractor

When it comes to getting new AC unit installation, many South Florida home and business owners view it as if it was just the same as any other appliance; however, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about the HVAC industry. To illustrate this in more detail, imagine you are buying a new refrigerator. You would probably start by going to your local big-box appliance retailer, comparing the features of different models and talking to a salesperson before you buy. You can expect it to work immediately on the day it gets delivered to your house.

A refrigerator is a factory-finished product, which means the workers on the assembly line are responsible for quality control and adjustments. It is essentially a plug-and-play item. However, that is not the case with a new AC unit. Although the AC unit comes from a factory, a qualified technician from Affordable Air and Heat will serve as the last person on the assembly line by testing and fine-tuning the unit on the day of installation.

Finding a skilled contractor will protect you from having to deal with a poorly installed system that is prone to failure, a shorter life expectancy and less energy efficiency. In other words, you can only expect your system to be as good as the technician who installs it. That’s why you should want to work with the best.

Affordable Air Heat Lehigh Acres Specials

The Gulf Coast of Florida’s Trusted AC Installer

Affordable Air and Heat specializes in installing and maintaining all major brands and types of AC units, including both residential and commercial HVAC and new construction AC installation, for our Florida neighbors. We understand how much you rely on your AC to keep you comfortable, and that’s why we offer same-day and 24-hour service.

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