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Nothing contributes to a relaxing summer like a well-maintained AC unit! North Port homeowners may frantically search for a credible company for AC repairs in mid to late summer. At Affordable Air & Heat, our technicians work around the clock to diligently service our clients. Ranging from new unit installation to part installations, we responsively solve any air conditioning problems.

Frequent Problems with AC Units

There are many AC issue that vary in complexity and repair time. Given the time and costs of some repairs, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for breakdown signs. Air conditioners essentially channel warm air in homes and convert it too cool air via a chemical refrigerant. Poor maintenance and age can jeopardize AC units since there are many moving parts with producing cool air. Once the cool air is converted, a filtration device removes any contaminants and debris. If the filter is old, the AC unit may fail to capture debris and they will travel into your home. Low refrigerant levels are a common issue, as well. The levels become depleted if a leak happens within the unit. If North Port homeowners notice a lack of pressure, they should swiftly contact Affordable Air & Heat.

Low Refrigerant Levels, Broken Fan Blades, and Age Indicate it is Time for a New AC Unit

Not only do frequent AC repairs quickly drain a homeowner’s money, but a dysfunctional unit causes spikes in energy bills as well. A new AC unit can be a money saving investment and Affordable Air & Heat ensures that our North Port clients will capitalize from this investment. Damaged evaporators and heat condensers fail to keep home’s insulated with cool air. It can take extensive repairs to completely replace malfunctioning parts and fix the electrical wiring. We often troubleshoot the following problems with AC units:

Problem: The AC unit is making nerve-wracking noises when it is running.

Solution: A technician will review the age of your unit and if the motor is damaged or malfunctioning. Fan blades do not produce this noise, but the motor inside the unit. If the motor is in fact breaking down, we will address the nature and extent of repairs.

Problem: There is liquid leaking from my AC Unit.

Solution: Refrigerant is a chemical that aids the AC unit with cooling warm air. Leaks often symptomize damage to parts like coils. Immediately report leaks to one of our AC technicians since they drive up energy costs and hazardous to the health and safety of your family.

Problem: My air conditioning unit fails to activate when I turn it on.

Solution: This may indicate a range of issues—from faulty electrical wiring to a busted thermostat. Whether your air conditioning unit repeatedly fails to turn on or it is an infrequent occurrence, a checkup can prevent more financially taxing repairs.

Let Us Restore Your North Port AC System Today

The good news is that AC units never have to be a problem with Affordable Air & Heat. Homeowners depend on air conditioning during the sweltering summer months and many forget to service it throughout the year. There is not a better time than now to contact one of our technicians with you can troubleshoot the signs for repair.

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