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Common AC Problems

Common Air Conditioning Problems in Cape Coral, FL, and Surrounding Areas

A broken air conditioning unit during the summer and warmer months can be unbearable. Instead of enjoying your home or business’ cool, refreshing air, you may have to rely on large, noisy fans that don’t the job nearly as well. When trying to service your broken your AC unit, look no further than Affordable Air and Heat. Due to our years of experience and expertise, our crew can properly diagnose your AC unit so that you can go back to having a cool and relaxing home or business.

During the summer, your air conditioning unit may be non-stop. When your unit is not in regular use, it is important to have proper maintenance performed to ensure the functionality of your unit when your property needs it the most. However, there are some times when unexpected repairs may be necessary. Below are just a few indications that you may need to have your AC unit serviced by our knowledgeable staff at Affordable Air & Heating.

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What to do if Your AC Unit Stops Working Completely

Although it may be obvious when your air conditioning may not be working, the reason may be unclear and difficult to diagnose. Some units that pair with an electronic thermostat will need some troubleshooting to locate the exact problem. Since the problem could stem from your thermostat or AC unit itself, we will run proper diagnostics to determine where the issue is occurring.

Affordable Cape Coral Common AC Problems

The Air Your Unit is Producing is Not Cold

Some of the more common issues that our customers experience is that their property isn’t cooling down fast enough or that the air leaving their vents isn’t cold. There could be a number of reasons as to why your unit may not be supplying cool air. When we arrive to these sorts of calls, our first step is to properly inspect your unit and thermostat to see where the problem is coming from. These inspections will typically reveal that their unit may need a new air filter, the thermostat is broken, or your unit may need to be replaced entirely.

Affordable Air Heat Common AC Problems

Water Dripping from Your Unit

Water dripping from your air conditioning is a clear sign that your unit requires maintenance. When our repair personnel sees any leaking from customers’ units, there is a chance that they may be experiencing airflow problems. If airflow is restricted, then your unit will have difficulty regulating itself properly, leading to additional repairs in the future. If you are experiencing any water leaking from your unit, our best advice is to call one of our experienced repair technicians. These repairs will require our serviceman to inspect your unit to see how manageable the leak is.

Let Our Team Solve Your AC Problems Today

If you’re beginning to experience any of these issues above, then it is time to call your air conditioning experts at Affordable Air and Heat. We have the tools and experience to properly service your AC unit so that you can go back to enjoying the cool air on your home or business property. Even if you are finding that your unit isn’t as cool as it used to be, then it is best to guarantee your unit is running smoothly by taking advantage of our thorough inspection services. Call us today if you have any questions or concerns about your air conditioning.

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