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Rooftop Unit Service and Maintenance

Rooftop Unit Service and Maintenance in Cape Coral, FL, and the Nearby Areas

Rooftop air conditioning and heating units are an excellent choice for commercial locations that require service to a large area. These units are great for handling areas with a lot of square footage and vertical height. With that being said, these units often serve massive warehouses or properties where cooling is essential. In Florida, the constant sun and heat can certainly wreak havoc on your property if these units fail or require repair.

As seasons change and your business relies less on air conditioning, it may be worth having your unit assessed and maintained properly. During the cooler months, it is especially important to take advantage of the downtime to make sure that your unit is prepared for the summer. If your commercial property makes use of these rooftop units, be assured that we have the tools and experience to properly serve your personalized needs. If you think that your unit requires regular service and maintenance, call our team of industry experts at Affordable Air and Heat today.

Why should I have my rooftop unit serviced?

Unlike other air conditioning equipment, rooftop units are constantly exposed to the elements and must endure harsh conditions day in and day out. Consequently, these units require an experienced service professional to thoroughly ensure that they are in full working order.

Developing a routine maintenance schedule for your unit can also be extremely beneficial. By performing regular maintenance, you are ensuring that your unit will have the least amount of unexpected repairs possible. This will also help extend the life of your unit so that you don’t have to do any replacements or installations in the future. Having one of our professionals maintain your unit also allows us to suit the service to your needs. For example, we like to work with our clients to understand how they use their units around daily business operations. Information pertaining to the unit’s typical hours of operation, what time of year the unit is used the most, and how effective the unit is for the property as a whole are all important variables that our servicemen keep in mind.

A Professional Approach

Servicing a large rooftop unit can be difficult and technical work. Our team of experts knows the proper way to handle any service that your rooftop unit requires. We are also equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done. Moreover, since these units are exposed to the elements on top of your roof, we will take the necessary safety precautions to get to the site where the repair or service must take place.

Once we gain access to your unit, the next step in our rooftop unit service and maintenance in Cape Coral, FL is to look over your entire system. Since these units require an extensive amount of experience and equipment, we will do our best to leave your site cleaner than you found it. Sometimes units are simply crowded by debris, dirt, and other materials that may be blocking vents to your unit. Our goal is to simply look over your property and unit to provide our customers with accurate information.

Service You Can Trust!

At Affordable Air & Heat, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we offer rooftop unit service and maintenance services to our customers in Florida and the surrounding areas, including:

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If you think that your rooftop unit requires service or maintenance, contact your experts at Affordable Air and Heat. We are here to offer our expertise and years of experience to any concern your unit and property may have. Contact us today to see how we can help. We also provide the following services: 

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