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New AC Unit Installation Port Charlotte, Florida

New AC Unit Installation in Port Charlotte, FL

Buying a new air conditioner is an investment in your comfort, and one you won’t want to go without in South Florida. At Affordable Air and Heat, we know all about how essential air conditioning is, and that’s why we specialize in installing and servicing all major types of AC units.

In Florida, we ask our air conditioners to work for us almost year-round. If your aging air conditioner is struggling to keep up and you’re wondering whether it can hold on for the rest of the year, it puts you in a difficult position. Do you spend the money on a “band-aid” repair in hopes of getting your air conditioner to hang on for another couple of months, or do you just bite the bullet and absorb the cost of a new AC unit?

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When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Deciding whether to repair or replace a faulty air conditioning unit can be hard to judge, even for an expert. After all, there’s no way to predict exactly how much more you might be able to squeeze out of your existing unit. However, there are a few key factors that may help influence your decision.

  • Age of your Existing Unit

Age is the most essential factor to consider whether it’s time to repair or replace an air conditioner. If your AC unit is 10 years old or older, it may be quickly nearing the end of its lifespan - and modern AC units are much more efficient. With an older air conditioner, you could be unnecessarily paying higher energy bills and harming the environment. Old air conditioners also use a coolant called Freon, which the federal government is phasing out to conserve energy. If your air conditioner uses Freon, you’ll eventually have to get new AC installation anyway, and there’s no time like the present.

  • Condition of your Equipment

Contact a professional HVAC company like Affordable Air and Heat for an unbiased assessment of your air conditioner. After an inspection, our techs will give you their honest opinion on whether it’s better to repair your AC, or invest in a new unit.

  • Frequent Breakdowns

Does it seem like your air conditioner is constantly malfunctioning? Are you calling for repair service every few months because problems keep popping up with your AC unit? Repair bills can add up fast. Save yourself all that hassle and expense by calling us for new AC installation.

  • Uncomfortable Home or Business

Do you struggle to keep your home or commercial property at a comfortable temperature? It could mean your air conditioner is beginning to break down. In West Florida, you need your air conditioner working in tip-top condition! If it’s not doing its job properly, replace it with a brand-new unit that will.

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Your Comfort is Our Priority

At Affordable Air and Heat, we are proud to be a locally owned business serving the Gulf Coast of Florida, including the Port Charlotte community. With our expertise in both residential and commercial HVAC systems, we offer new AC unit installation for any home or business, including new construction HVAC installation. Contact us today for emergency or same-day service with a satisfaction and comfort guarantee.

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