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Ductless Mini Split in Cape Coral, FL

If you're in need of an AC installation, you should consider the benefits of going ductless. We recommend choosing a ductless mini-split air conditioning system Cape Coral, FL because these systems can provide heat during the winter. They are less cumbersome than ACs and heating systems that rely on ductwork. 

At Affordable Air & Heat, we provide air conditioning repair and installation of both ducted and ductless mini-split systems Cape Coral, FL. Consider the following when making your decision:

How Does Ductless Mini Split Cape Coral, FL Work?

When we set up your ductless mini-split system Cape Coral, FL, we position the outdoor unit at ground level outside your home in the best location. We connect it to the indoor unit via a refrigerant line and electrical wiring. We only need to create a 3-inch hole in the wall for the indoor unit to be connected and mounted.

We usually mount the indoor units high on the wall to deliver the most efficient heating and cooling. Other options in installing the indoor units are floor-standing models, suspension from the ceiling and flush in a drop ceiling.

Affordable Air & Heat is a company you can trust with ductless mini split installation Cape Coral, FL. We never hire subcontractors. We put all of our employees through background checks and drug tests to ensure they're safe not just certified. As a professionally-minded company, we have our employees wear uniforms and badges. You'll have confidence in our workmanship.

Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split Cape Coral, FL

A ductless mini-split system is capable of delivering cold and warm air depending on which you need. If you get cold easily at night, you'll like this functionality. Affordable Air & Heat offers air conditioning as well as heating services Cape Coral, FL, to repair your HVAC system if it malfunctions.

Ductless mini-splits are more energy-efficient than ducted ACs. An AC that uses ductwork loses up to 30% of the cold air while pushing the air through the ducts. There is no loss of cold air with a ductless system. Air conditioning Cape Coral, FL is a critical need because of how hot it is throughout most of the year. You rely on your AC almost all year long. Therefore, you want an energy-efficient air conditioner to save money on energy bills.

Do the members of your household have different temperature preferences? Ductless mini-split systems solve this problem because you can individually adjust the temperature in each room of the home. This functionality also helps you save more money on your energy bills. You can increase or lower the set temperature in rooms that aren't used as often as other rooms.

Trust Us With Your Ductless Mini Split Cape Coral, FL

Affordable Air & Heat offers up to $800 off a new AC and $20 off any service. We also offer coupons throughout the year, so you can save more on your indoor comfort needs from heating and cooling to water heater repair Cape Coral, FL. Affordable Air & Heat also provides indoor air quality services and energy audits. We also specialize in:

  • Air Conditioning Repair Cape Coral, FL
  • Water Heater Repair Cape Coral, FL

Our ductless mini-split services Cape Coral, FL is available for both residential and commercial customers. We guarantee your satisfaction and comfort. Our technicians are certified, safe and professional. When you hire us, you never need to worry about subcontractors arriving. We maintain strict quality and professionalism standards.

Contact us to schedule the installation of a ductless mini-split system Cape Coral, FL. Be sure to call us or fill out our contact form on this website. We also provide ductless mini split installation in these locations:

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Port Charlotte, FL
  • Naples, FL
  • Bonita Springs, FL
  • Estero, FL
  • Fort Myers Beach, FL
  • Lehigh Acres, FL
  • North Port, FL
  • Sanibel Island, FL
  • Sarasota, FL

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