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Depending on where you live, it can be impossible to live without AC during the summer. In fact, even if you have AC but it wasn't installed properly, it can be similar to having no AC at all.

But when it comes to diagnosing the issue, it's not always cut and dry. Many times, an improperly installed HVAC unit will have issues that require air conditioning repair in Cape Coral, FL.

Has your air conditioning been acting up? It might have something to do with the installation. Affordable Air & Heat, the top provider of quality air conditioning services in Cape Coral, FL, shares three tell-tale signs of an improperly installed AC to watch out for.

Cycling Disturbances

If your AC unit is running one minute and then suddenly shuts off the next, this is a common sign that it wasn’t installed properly. How long an air conditioner runs depends on the temperature you set it to and the temperature outdoors.

However, it might turn on and off every few minutes, which does next to nothing for cooling. This is known as short cycling. Contact a professional to ensure you have proper air conditioning installation in Cape Coral, FL.

Noisy Operation

When you turn on your air conditioner, it’s normal to hear some noise. But if you hear more than the steady humming, there’s a chance that the unit wasn’t installed right. When improperly installed, you may hear grinding and loud clattering. Hearing these noises can be a sign of a more pressing issue. An experienced professional will need to perform air conditioning maintenance in Cape Coral, FL to know for sure.

Water Leaks

In most cases of a leak, you’d expect the unit to be broken or damaged in some way. However, this isn’t the case with improper installation. One reason for the leak may be due to the unit and piping not being proportional. The drainage pipe has to be lower than the system itself in order for it to drain properly.

In the worst-case scenario, the reason for improper installation is because the system isn't suited for the environment. We can help. Contact Affordable Air & Heat for quality air conditioning replacement in Cape Coral, FL today.

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