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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

A water heater can last for more than a decade, which means homeowners rarely have to think about water heater replacement in Cape Coral, FL. However, that time will eventually come, so you should be aware of the signs that repair is imminent.

  1. You Have A Leak

It's hard to ignore a leak, which can damage the floor, walls, or ceilings of your home if left unchecked. Whether your water heater is old or the leak started right after water heater installation in Cape Coral, FL, call in a pro.

  1. A Noisy Tank

You might hear an issue that indicates you need water heater repair in Cape Coral, FL before you see or feel it. Buzzing, rumbling, or a sound like popcorn are all signs that you should call in a professional.

  1. Fluctuating Temperatures

If you're experiencing temperature issues, perhaps your water heater is the culprit. These issues can manifest as fluctuations in temperature where hot water comes out warm or cold. Pay attention if your hot water doesn't last as long as it should or used to; although, this may simply be a problem with the side of your water heater and household needs.

  1. Discolored Water

Several things can cause discolored water, so while you might not need water heater services in Cape Coral, FL, checking the water heater can at least narrow down potential causes of discoloration. The water may be brown or contain dark spots if it's due to the water heater.

  1. Visible Rust

Finally, rust is a sign that your water heater is corroding and needs to be replaced either in part or whole. This rust is often accompanied by discolored water.

Replacing a water heater is a necessary responsibility for homeowners, and it can open you up to new technology such as a tankless water heater in Cape Coral, FL. Get in touch with Affordable Air & Heat right away for all your water heater needs. Call us now or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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