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5 Signs Your Electric Heater May Need Repair

5 Signs Your Electric Heater May Need Repair

No matter how well your electric heater worked when you first got it installed, it won’t run forever without needing some form of repair. It’s worth your time to get professional electric heater maintenance so you can keep your space cozy and warm year after year. It is important to recognize the signs that can indicate your Florida electric heater needs inspection, repair, or maintenance.

1) You’ve neglected to get seasonal electric heater maintenance.
Think back: When was the last time you called a professional HVAC technician to inspect and clean your heating system? If it’s been a year or longer, you’re overdue for annual maintenance.

2) Your heating bill has increased, but your heating habits haven’t changed.
A sudden uptick in your heating bill from previous years may be signaling that you need professional repairs. If components inside your heater are wearing down, your gas or electric bill may increase sharply, because your heater is using more energy to try to keep up.

3) Your electric heater is making strange noises.
Rattling, thumping, scraping and banging noises are among the most obvious red flags that something isn’t right in your HVAC system. A trained tech will have to evaluate your electric heater to determine what is causing the ruckus – these noises won’t go away on their own.

4) Your thermostat no longer keeps your home comfortable.
Are some of the rooms in your home too cold, no matter how high you turn up your thermostat? That’s a clear sign you need electric heater repair. Your thermostat’s primary job is to tell your HVAC system how much heat to distribute throughout your home or business, and if it stops doing that, you have a problem a professional needs to diagnose.

5) You have an older electric heater.
Is your electric heater old enough to get a learner’s permit? If yes, you probably have developed some potential problem areas. The average lifespan of your electric heater is about 15 years, but you may be able to add a few years to its life with regular maintenance.

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