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What to do when your AC Refrigerant is low?

Refrigerant is an important chemical that transforms warm air into cool air. When AC units become depleted of refrigerants, they will not keep your home protected from summertime heat. Affordable Air & Heat will restore refrigerants if our clients request this service.

Subtle and Obvious Signs of Low Refrigerant Levels

Homeowners may tempt to think that their homes are not properly insulated if cool air is not being pumped in. Sometimes the refrigerants merely need to be replaced. Especially if the unit is pushing hot air into your home, Affordable Air & Heat advises a refrigerant check. The low pressure in units not only produces hot air but can damage the evaporator coil. Once pressure in AC units lower, residual refrigerant chemicals travels around the evaporator coil. This causes the coil to freeze, potentially causing extensive damage to AC units. Replacing refrigerants can be expensive and dangerous—so we advise that one of our licensed HVAC experts handle the job.

How We Replace Refrigerants in Home AC Units

There are laws governing how refrigerants ought to handle, replaced, and disposed of. Refrigerants are highly toxic and flammable chemicals that can easily cause injury and harm to AC units. If the symptoms of a frozen evaporator coil or sweltering indoor temperatures occur, do not attempt to tamper with the AC unit and inspect the refrigerant levels.

Affordable Air & Heat expertly gauges the refrigerant levels, carefully mends broken parts, then restores refrigerants inside the unit. The unit must be turned off it is leaking refrigerants or depleted of the chemical. Then we begin refilling the unit with the proper gear and tools to keep our technicians, the environment, and backyards safe from refrigerant exposure.

Work with Your Leading Cape Coral AC Professionals

Refrigerants are not a chemical to be handled or inspected without a licenses and competency of Affordable Air & Heat. Air Conditioning units are one of the most valuable and potentially dangerous home appliances. Like water heaters, AC units need to be serviced with the correct protocol to prevent human injury and insurance cases. Always contact one of professionals for any HVAC maintenance questions!

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